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Keep Warm with Farm & Home

Stay warm this winter with Farm and Home Hardware's wide selection of winter accessories.

Purchase a space heater

  • Space heaters help take the chill out of a room

Block drafts from doors and windows

  • Insulation kits, draft pillows, and insulation kits in stock at Farm & Home help solve a lot of drafty problems.

Install a programable thermostat

  • Set it so that you are always coming home to a toasty warm house. We have what you need in stock.

Shop Digital Thermostats

Run a trickle of water at night or when not at home

  • Help your pipes not freeze with this trick, and you can also purchase heating cables and tape in stock at Farm and Home today.

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Supply your car with emergency kits

  • Always prepare for the worst - purchase an emergency car kit from Farm and Home Hardware today!

Shop Road Emergency kits

Stay stocked with fire bricks

  • Start a fire while being environmentally conscious with EnviroBricks.

Shop envirobricks

Stuff your pockets with hand warmers

shop Handwarmers

Warm yourself first

  • Warm from the inside out with cups of hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or soup.

Turn on the ceiling fan

  • Warm air rises. Turn it on the lowest setting and bring the warmth down to you.

Bake all-day

  • The oven will warm up the house and you'll get a yummy dessert! Invite some friends over and help with the warming project by adding body heat.