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Sporting Goods

The Sporting Department contains product from brands such as Glock, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Rossi, Henry, and more. 


Location: Top building of our Wellington store presented below.

One of the fastest growing departments here at Farm and Home Hardware, is the Sporting Department. It has developed from a small fishing section, into a supplier for hunters, fishers, and firearm enthusiasts abroad. 


Our inventory consists of a wide variety of rifles, pistols, shotguns, and more. We are FFL approved, and offer layaway on both used and new firearms. 

Spike's Tactical

For those looking to add something special to their build, Spikes Tactical has you covered. We carry a selection of lowers, dust covers, and more.

P1090272 (1).jpg


We carry an extensive supply of magazines, slings, sights, grips, cases, attachments, and more. 


With a steady flow of shipments, the shelves are never bare. 


Boresighting a rifle takes time, ammunition, and patience. That is why we offer a cost effective way to guarantee that your rifle is tuned with precision accuracy, while saving valuable time and ammo.  


•Crossbows  •Arrows  •Feed   •Attractants   •Soaps  •Targets  •Calls  •And More

*Seasonally stocked


•Poles  •String  •Bobbers  •Lures  •Weights  •Tackle Boxes •And More


Meet the Crew

Sporting Goods team member Jimmy Kimmel of Farm & Home Hardware.
Sporting Goods team member Tom Brown of Farm & Home Hardware.
Sporting Goods team member Jaqlyn Wallace of Farm & Home Hardware.