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Our Rental Department has helped individuals get the job done affordably for years. Sometimes you don't need to buy the tool, you simply need to rent it. 


Location: As of 3-8-17 this department is now located in the lower store of our Wellington location.

Our Rental Department has helped hundreds of individuals by supplying quality equipment to assist in a variety of projects. From drain snakes to carpet cleaners, we’ve got you covered.

Rental Equipment

Moving Equipment

2 Strap Dolly 4HRS ($10.00) - 24HRS ($15.00)

Floor Tools

Linoleum Roller 100lb 4HRS (N/A) - 24HRS ($15.00)

Carpet Instal/Repair Kit 4HRS (N/A) - 24HRS ($20.00)

Heat Bond Iron 4HRS (N/A) - 24HRS ($15.00)

Plumbing Tools

Drain Snake 1/2x50' 4HRS ($25.00) - 24HRS ($40.00)


Drain Snake 3/4x100' 4HRS ($50.00) - 24HRS ($75.00)


Sectional Snake 100' 4HRS ($50.00) - 24HRS ($75.00)


Toilet Drain Auger 4HRS ($7.00) - 24HRS ($14.00)

Flat Sewer Snake 50' 4HRS ($7.00) - 24HRS ($14.00)

Electric Sump Pump 4HRS ($20.00) - 24HRS ($35.00)

Portable 2" Gas Pump 4HRS ($40.00) - 24HRS ($60.00) 


Wallpaper Steamer 4HRS ($15.00) - 24HRS ($25.00)

Wallpaper Perforator 4HRS (N/A) - 24HRS ($7.00)

Pressure Washer 4HRS ($35.00) - 24HRS ($70.00)

Concrete Equipment

Plate Compactor 4HRS ($40.00) - 24HRS ($60.00)

14" Husqvarna Cut Off Saw 4HRS ($40.00) - 24HRS ($55.00)

Jackhammer with cord, electric 60# 4HRS ($45.00) - 24HRS ($80.00)

Portable Mixer 110v 4HRS ($25.00) - 24HRS ($45.00)

Lawn & Garden

Self-Propelled Plug Aerator 4HRS ($45.00) - 24HRS ($85.00)

48" Tow Plug Aerator 4HRS ($25.00) - 24HRS ($45.00)

Lawn Overseeder SD18 4HRS ($45.00) - 24HRS ($85.00)

Log Splitter 4HRS ($50.00) - 24HRS (90.00)

Post Hole Digger 4HRS ($55.00) - 24HRS ($100.00)

*Hydraulic one man auger with reverse

Reservations are available free of charge.

All prices are subject to change.


Bissell Carpet Cleaners

The Bissell System is trusted by thousands of people, for good reason. These machines offer an easy to use, affordable means that is guaranteed to make your carpets cleaner. 

Cleaning Formula

An important part of the cleaning process is the soap solution. We offer multi-purpose cleaner along with special formulas designed to blast away those hard to remove stains.