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Garden Center

The Garden Center was once an idea. Today it has become a favorite among many, offering a large variety of merchandise. 

Garden Center

Location: Wellington location presented below. Also available in Ashland, product may vary per location. Seasonally affected.

The Garden Center is a seasonal favorite. Hundreds of people enjoy its organic beauty. Deep green foliage speckled with vibrant colors surround this department. Whether you're a natural born gardener, or simply "just looking", this department is a must stop location.


Here in the Garden Center, we are passionate about our product. The Garden Workers are experienced individuals ready and eager to answer your questions.

Every plant is watered as needed, guaranteeing that you receive a strong and healthy plant.

The Greenhouses

The greenhouses provide an optimal location for plants to thrive. Warm temperatures shield the plants from cold nights, keeping them alive and well.




•Hanging  •Potted  •Flats  •Cells

•Herbs  •Tomatoes  •Peppers  •More

The Yard

The Yard is the largest section of this department. Here we have flowers, trees, statuaries, fountains, and more.




Bird Baths


The Fairy Garden Shed

The Fairy Garden Shed contains everything you may need to create your very own fairy garden.


See you soon!