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Lost Socks Sign

Crafting With DeNita

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Lost Socks Sign

Erin Frost

So, my nephew and his wife bought their first house and I was trying to think of a great (out of the norm) gift to give them, being as I am always working to retain my spot as the “cool aunt”. Since they are HUGE Harry Potter fans and would now have their own laundry room for the first time, I decided on making them this awesome “Lost Sock Sign” with a Harry Potter twist.

Dobby is the house elf that was saved from his life of servitude when he was given a sock by his master, in case you’re wondering what the heck this means – lol!

Not a Harry Potter fan? How about just “Lost Socks” or “Looking For A Soul Mate”?  Lots of options!

What you need:

A Plywood Board – The one I used for this project is 12x24 and available in our craft department already cut to size for $4.50 each – SKU: Plywood Sign

Wood Letters – The small ones are $.49 each – SKU: 0991-A / The large ones are $.99 each – SKU: 9187-B 

6 Wooden Spring Clothes Pins - $3.49 for 36 – SKU: 614561

2 Self Leveling Saw Tooth Picture Hangers - I used small / size A $1.09 for 6 – SKU: 738287218121

Wood Glue – I used Gorilla Wood Glue because I love it – 4 oz for $3.79 – SKU: 303133

Super Glue – Again, I use Gorilla brand because it always works so well for me! $5.99 – SKU: 302125 

Paint Brushes

Now, you could always paint your wording directly on the board freehand or with a stencil, but I personally just love the 3D look of the wood letters glued on the board. I think it really adds something to the finished project, but you would have lots more font options, as well as, save a little money, if you do decide to paint the letters on the sign instead. Totally up to you!

Whether you are painting directly on the board or using wooden letters, like I did, you’ll want to make sure everything fits nicely on the board you’re using. So, before you begin, lay everything out first to make sure you love it.

IMPORTANT –No matter what project you’re working on, if you’re going to be adding hangers to the back, DO IT FIRST. I’ve learned this the hard way! You don’t want to have to touch up the paint job or, worse yet, break something by hammering on the back of a finished project. 

Because this sign was a little heavy being that it’s plywood, and the fact that there may be some tugging and pulling with the clothes pins, I made sure to use two saw tooth hangers spreading them sixteen inches apart from center to center (which is the distance that studs are usually set apart in most houses). But you might want to check the wall you want to hang the sign on first, just to be sure.

For this project, I used DecoArt’s Satin Enamels – Classic Black for the board and Grey Taupe for the letters and the clothes pins – and let me tell you, I love, love, love the finish it gave me! This paint covers wonderfully and cures to a hard finish with no sealer or varnish needed. It’s formulated specially for furniture and cabinets, but since I wanted something really durable for this sign and since I’m hoping it’ll get a lot of use, I figured it would be perfect for this project. And, it gave me a beautiful, satin sheen that I just loved! 

DecoArt’s Satin Enamels (which are made in the USA!!) come in 21 beautiful colors and work on Wood, Ceramic, Metal, Glass, Terra Cotta, most Plastics and Canvas, so you’ll see this product here again, for sure.☺️

Once my hangers were nailed in place, I painted the entire board with the Classic Black Satin Enamel. You really don’t have to paint the back of a project, but I always do, especially if I’m going to be gifting or selling the project. If you decide not to do the back, be sure you paint the sides of it at least. I gave my board two coats, letting it dry to the touch between coats.

While the board was drying, I painted my wooden letters and the clothes pins. I didn’t paint the back of the letters, but made sure to get all of the sides since they would be visible. I did, however, paint the backs of the clothes pins, since I wanted them to hang down past the bottom of the board.

After everything was dry, I laid out my letters the way I wanted them on the board. To keep the spacing I wanted, I glued on one letter at a time, keeping the rest of the letters in place. Apply the wood glue along with a few dots of super glue onto the back of each letter and then press into place with a good amount of pressure for a few seconds. I use both wood glue and super glue since the wood glue dries so slowly (the superglue holds it RIGHT NOW and the wood glue holds it forever).

If you have any excess glue come out from the sides of your letters or clothes pins, take a damp paper towel and wipe off the glue carefully using your finger nail to get as close to the letter/clothes pin as possible.

That’s it! So easy and a super awesome present for any Harry Potter fan! Of course my darling daughter, being the smarty pants she is, told me (after I was finished) that “Free Dobby” would have been a better choice of wording. And of course, she was right. So if, I make any more, I’ll keep that in mind.

If you make your own Lost Socks Board, be sure to post a picture of it to our Facebook page or Tweet it with the hashtag #CraftingWithDeNita – I’d love to see what great things you guys come up with!!

Until next time, happy crafting!

*Prices are subject to change.