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Gem-Covered Nightlight Jar

Crafting With DeNita

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Gem-Covered Nightlight Jar

Erin Frost

You know how much I love jars, right? Well, take a look at this pretty little Gem-Covered Nightlight Jar! I’ve tried this project with a couple of different adhesives – hot glue, super glue, etc. and wasn’t happy until I found Amazing Goop (amazing is actually right in the name!). It’s clear, permanent, waterproof and paintable! It bonds to wood, glass, metal, fabric and more. It's pretty cool stuff to work with, and I’m sure that I’ll put it to use again in the near future.

I created this project with ice blue gems to use as a nightlight with a small battery operated string of LED lights inside, but there are LOTS of applications and color options here – from multi-colored swirl gems that would be great for a kid’s room, to baby blues and pinks for a nursery, or how about one for the bathroom to light the way when it’s dark? There are a lot of seasonal options here as well, – I’m picturing one with pieces of beach glass in frosted blues and greens for summer. And speaking of summer, I am going to look for a solar light that will sit inside the jar so it can be used outside on my deck!

What you need:

Jar – I used a pint size smooth Mason jar (upcycled jars would also work well, just be sure they are smooth) $1.75 each – SKU: 109856 or 12 for $10.99 – SKU: 602249

Amazing Goop Craft Contact Adhesive - 2oz for $5.99 – SKU: 302257

Gems – I used ice blue and one bag just barely covered my pint jar, so you might want to have extra on hand, just in case. Make sure that the gems are smooth on one side. A 12oz bag for $1.99 – SKU: 1149-92

Lights – Battery Operated LED String Lights - $3.99 – SKU: 900019 

Lid – $1.99 – SKU: TIN2920

This Amazing Goop is a bit different than working with other adhesives. You need to apply the Goop to the jar AND the gems and wait about 2 minutes for the adhesive to partially cure before mating the two surfaces. What I did was cover the entire jar and then start putting Goop on the gems. I would, however, NOT recommend doing that because by the time I got down to the last gems near the bottom, the adhesive on the jar was pretty dry. It still worked well, so it’s good to know there is some flexibility, but next time, I will break it up a bit.

What I SHOULD HAVE done, is start at the top of the jar, just under the lip, and apply Goop to the entire top half of the jar. While that is curing, apply a drop of Goop to the smooth backs of half of the gems. By the time you get through half of the gems, the first one you did should be ready to apply to the jar. Starting just under the lip of the lid, attach the gems to the jar (using a fair amount of pressure) one row at a time.

Work your way down the jar, one row at a time, fitting the gems in as tightly as possible. Make sure the entire gem is touching the jar (no overlapping onto another gem) so the adhesive can do its job. Don’t worry about any open spots on the jar. Amazing Goop is clear and the ripple effect of the glue on the jar actually adds to the prism effect when the light shows through.  Be sure that every gem you apply has Goop on both it and the jar beneath it.

When you get halfway down the jar, repeat the steps for the bottom half, taking the adhesive down to the edge of the bottom of the jar (be sure not to get any on the bottom!). While that’s curing, apply Goop to the backs of the rest of the gems. Work your way down the rest of the jar, applying the gems one row at a time. The last row may not touch the entire jar because the jar I used, at least, does round under, but that will be fine as long as no gem on the bottom row hangs past the bottom of the jar itself. Any gems hanging down too low will keep the jar from sitting properly, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Goop takes about 24 hours or more to cure, but once I was finished with the bottom row, those gems on the top were on the jar pretty darn good – to the point where you’d really have to pry them to take them off.

I stuck a small battery operated string of LED lights inside the jar to use it as a nightlight, but it could also be used as a vase – how pretty would that be?? Since I was using this one as a nightlight, I decided it needed a little something on the top, so I added the tin lid and love it!

If you make your own Gem-Covered Nightlight Jar, be sure to post a picture of it to our Facebook page or Tweet it with the hashtag #CraftingWithDeNita – I love to see what great things you guys come up with!!

Until next time, happy crafting!


*Prices are subject to change.