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Crafting With DeNita

Crafting with DeNita offers a fun, interactive way to learn and create. Learn, create, share. #craftingwithdenita

Noel Jars!

Erin Frost

Hello and welcome to my new blog, Crafting with DeNita. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the Paint & Craft Department manager at Farm & Home Hardware in beautiful and historical Wellington, Ohio! I’ve dabbled in some area of crafts or another most of my life. I’m also a huge Pinterest fanatic and am showcasing several crafting projects here at Farm & Home during any given time. Two years ago, I started holding monthly crafting workshops here at the store and they’ve become so fun and popular that the “powers-that-be” have asked me to start a blog. Get paid for talking about something I love… How could I say no??


I’m a huge fan of jar projects (upcycled jars as well as my beloved Mason jars), so the first project I want to share with you guys is a NOEL jar display I thought would be perfect for your country Christmas table or even on top of a fireplace mantle. These cuties could be left as is, filled with greenery or candy, or made into holders for battery-operated tea lights. I filled mine with black tissue paper so the letters would pop.

What you need:

Four pint sized smooth mason jars, or upcycled jars (if you can find four that are the same). I used four of the Anchorglass Vintage Mason Jars (Made in the USA – YAY!!)                                            

$1.75 each or $9.99 for a case of twelve – SKU: 602249

One can of Krylon Red Shimmer Metallic (Also Made in the USA) $6.79 a can – SKU: 3923K

One can of Krylon Glitter Blast Golden Glow (USA) $5.99 a can – SKU: 770739

One can of Krylon Glitter Sealer (USA) $5.99 a can – SKU: 770757

Letter Stickers – I used David Tutera’s 1 Inch and ¾ stickers $4.99 for a 161 pc package – SKU: DTP407

3 Ply Jute Twine $1.49 for a 208 foot roll – SKU: 971309

8 Gold .75 inch Jingle Bells $3.00 for a bag of 30 – SKU: 1099-20

Before you start, it’s always a good idea to clean your jars with rubbing alcohol and let them dry before doing any painting or crafting with them – especially any upcycled glass. It will ensure that the paints adhere better – clean, dull and dry!


Next you’ll want to place your stickers on the jars. I like to use smooth jars when using stickers because the regular Mason jars have raised lettering on one side and usually a design on the other, taking away from the letters. Make sure that the stickers are all even and centered on your jars (even round jars have sides) and be sure that all the edges of the stickers are tightly adhered to the jars or you’ll get fuzzy edges. 

Whenever I spray paint, I like to place the project I’m working with on a box about waist-high. It gives me access to all sides of the project, as I walk around spraying it. If I’m working inside, I’ll put down a plastic drop cloth under the box to catch the overspray. If I’m working outside, my grass is very colorful for a few days, until I mow my lawn.

Whenever possible, I like to turn my project upside down and paint the bottom first. This way I get most of the project coated then turn it right side up, when dry, to apply the final coat. 

I chose to coat my O jar with the Golden Glow Glitter Blast. Read the directions before you start. Be sure to shake the can for two full minutes, and hold the can 10 to 12 inches from your jar. Spray in a continuous, sweeping motion as you walk around your jar. Apply several thin coats to help avoid drips. Be sure to give the can a good shake whenever you stop spraying.

After the jar dries to the touch, you can turn it over and give it another coat or two. Be sure to catch the areas beneath the rim and threads of the jar. Once dry, carefully remove the sticker - using a knife helps, if you don’t have fingernails. 

TIP – Whenever you finish using your spray paint, turn the can upside down and spray until only clear gas comes out. This helps keep the spray nozzle clean.

Now you’ll want to paint your other three jars with the Krylon Red Shimmer Metallic in the same way. Be sure to read the directions on the can. The Shimmer spray paint says to keep the can 6 to 8 inches away from your project, but be careful not to get too close and to keep moving. When you get too close to your project or you stop in a stop, that’s when you get runs! It’s always better to do several thin coats than to try and fix runs. 

Now when your jars are dry, carefully remove the stickers. I tossed my stickers after doing this set, so I don’t know if you can reuse them, but if you’re doing several sets as gifts, it’s worth a try. As a matter of fact, stencil adhesive might help get more use out of those stickers! I’ll have to try that next time and let you know. 

Last step – Cut four pieces of twine about 40 inches long. String two of the gold bells on one of the pieces of twine and tie the ends together, trimming the excess twine from the knot.  Now take the bells and pull them to separate ends of the loop you just made. Take this doubled twine and tie around the top of your jar into a cute little bow. Repeat with the other three jars and, ta-da, you are finished!! 

Aren’t those adorable? And the possibilities with this project are endless! FALL Jars in autumn colors, SNOW Jars in cool blue & silver, SPRING Jars in fun pastels, SUMMER Jars in beachy colors, a baby’s name in pink or blue, your last name in rich colors that match your décor – you name it!!

If you find yourself making one of these projects, be sure to post it to our Facebook page or Tweet it with the hashtag #CraftingWithDeNita – I’d love to see what fun things you guys come up with!

Until next time, happy crafting!

*Prices are subject to change