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Crafting With DeNita

Crafting with DeNita offers a fun, interactive way to learn and create. Learn, create, share. #craftingwithdenita

Gem-Covered Nightlight Jar

Erin Frost

You know how much I love jars, right? Well, take a look at this pretty little Gem-Covered Nightlight Jar! I’ve tried this project with a couple of different adhesives – hot glue, super glue, etc. and wasn’t happy until I found Amazing Goop (amazing is actually right in the name!). It’s clear, permanent, waterproof and paintable! It bonds to wood, glass, metal, fabric and more. It's pretty cool stuff to work with, and I’m sure that I’ll put it to use again in the near future.

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Lost Socks Sign

Erin Frost

So, my nephew and his wife bought their first house and I was trying to think of a great (out of the norm) gift to give them, being as I am always working to retain my spot as the “cool aunt”. Since they are HUGE Harry Potter fans and would now have their own laundry room for the first time, I decided on making them this awesome “Lost Sock Sign” with a Harry Potter twist.

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Noel Jars!

Erin Frost

Hello and welcome to my new blog, Crafting with DeNita. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the Paint & Craft Department manager at Farm & Home Hardware in beautiful and historical Wellington, Ohio! I’ve dabbled in some area of crafts or another most of my life. I’m also a huge Pinterest fanatic and am showcasing several crafting projects here at Farm & Home during any given time. Two years ago, I started holding monthly crafting workshops here at the store and they’ve become so fun and popular that the “powers-that-be” have asked me to start a blog. Get paid for talking about something I love… How could I say no??

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