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Combine industry-specific designs, patented technologies, remarkable durability, and unmatched comfort, and you’ve got yourself a good work boot. In potentially hazardous or unknown working conditions, having the right boot can make all the difference. Gain confidence and shop our latest lineup of boots today.

Disclaimer: Available at both store locations.

Proudly Serving the cities of Wellington and Ashland, and Northeast and Central Ohio since 1960. 

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Enjoy pushing the limits and trekking new heights in boots that are up for the challenge. When it’s just you and the wilderness, you need a boot that is as tough and dependable as you are. Search our dynamic lineup of styles to find the pair perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Disclaimer: Available at both store locations.

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Remain unheard and unseen with our wide variety of boots that ensure every hunt is the hunt of a lifetime. With the freedom of choice, enjoy finding your very own pair at either store location today and move one step closer to a successful hunt.

Disclaimer: Available at both store locations.

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Our 100% waterproof and self-insulating options guarantee that from city streets to around the farm or your favorite stomping grounds, you’ll be walking with the confidence of a great purchase. Style, comfort and performance are just a few of the qualities that describe our waterproof boots. Visit our store today to find the best pair for your lifestyle.

Disclaimer: Available at both store locations.